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About Formiga Online Solutions

about our company

Making sure that the technology works for you

Our story

Formiga Online Solutions is a team of devoted people, with a great passion for both technology, and the legal sector. We operate from the beautiful cities of Amsterdam and Barcelona.

After developing different tools for our legal partners, we found out that there are already so many great digitalization opportunities out there, waiting to be explored further. Extensive market research, contact with many Legal Tech providers of all sizes, and our legal partnerships, have brought us to where we are today.

Our goals

Our people like to see technology adapt to its users, instead of the other way around, to enhance performance, sustainability, and customer- and employee satisfaction. 

We want to help your company be ahed of the competition, by automating cumbersome tasks, but we also find it important to always maintain the human factor in this complex sector. The main goal is not to replace your employees and their work, but to allow them to focus on the most important tasks, while technology takes care of the rest. 

What we offer

Our team has a wide range of skills that allow us to guide you along the path of digitalization. Depending on your needs, we offer you:

  • Technology consultants

  • Legal consultants (team of lawyers)

  • Own developers (and third parties)

  • Business consultants

  • Extensive database of legal technology products

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Not convinced yet?

Drop us a line, and we’ll be glad to look into the options with you